After massive outage in Canada, Rodgers restores service for vast majority of customers

Rodgers’s communication on Twitter said that it has been successful in restoring connectivity to the majority of its customers, after a massive outage of internet, mobile, and home phone services on Friday.

“Following our previous updates, we have now restored services for the vast majority of our customers and our technical teams are working hard to ensure that the remaining customers are back online as quickly as possible,” Rodgers tweeted.

Rodgers explained that the customers may experience a delay in regaining full services as it works to get everyone back online.

They also apologized for the disruption it has caused for their customers and proactively they will credit all the customers.

“Tony Staffieri, the president and CEO of Rogers, wrote a message to customers Saturday afternoon, announcing that services “have been restored” and that its network and systems “are close to fully operational.” Staffieri attributes the outage to a “network system failure following a maintenance update” that caused an issue with the company’s routers,” a source as per The Verge.

“We disconnected the specific equipment and redirected traffic, which allowed our network and services to come back online over time as we managed traffic volumes returning to normal levels,” Staffieri further adds.