5G Services starting for iPhone users in India in the upcoming week

If you are an iPhone user and waiting for using a 5G network. Then there is good news for you. From next week you will be able to use the 5g services for iPhone India. This will be with Reliance Jio as well as Bharti Airtel.  To gain this excitement of this you will have to download the Beta software update of iOS 16.

The final and fully finished version would be launched in the month of December. Before that, the company asked the users to use the beta version and send feedback. These feedbacks are the part of Apple Beta Software Program. And this feedback would be used to improve the updates with quality, usability, and stability.

If there are any lags or bugs, then they would also be fixed before the final release to make the Apple Software better.

We also did a report in which Airtel was to issue its 5G services for Android users only starting from mid of November.

Apple released this information on its official website stating the release of 5G services for iPhone India with Jio and Airtel.

All the other mobiles are also trying to get access to the 5G network. In a few days, Samsung would also allow users to use 5G.


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