Windows 11 launches a new desktop watermark, here is everything you need to know

A few months ago Microsoft launched Windows 11 operating system. Recently, they updated about a new feature which was going to launch soon and here it is now. It gets a new desktop watermark for the unsupported hardware. This is considered a warning to the users of Windows 11 who install the operating system through other third parties. The watermark is visible at the bottom left corner of the screen. It is also available in the settings app. There’s an easy and official way to install Windows 11.

Microsoft is not planning to discontinue this method. The important worth noticing point is that it has clarified that the watermark will not cause any harm to the PC. Users who don’t want to see the watermark can, fortunately, remove it. If your device has received the watermark after the update, you can edit Windows 11’s registry and modify the system keys to disable watermarks entirely.

Microsoft has used similar warnings in the past and has also restricted some features but as mentioned earlier through the registry the watermark can be removed.