VoteVets believes that Donald Trump is a national security threat

On Tuesday, VoteVets, a Nonprofit organization on Twitter says that the United States Former President, Donald Trump is a National security threat.

They said that when they had taken an oath to defend the constitution, they believe in it. Trump openly ignored his oath and continues to disregard everything it represents.

Yesterday, VoteVets tweeted, “Donald Trump hates our military and everything it stands for. He specifically expressed a desire to see it act more like Nazi Germany’s military. This is why he never, ever can be allowed in the White House again.” is a political action committee (PAC) and 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization in the United States. In 2006, It was co-founded by Jon Soltz and Jeremy Broussard. A 501(c)4 nonprofit organization is a social welfare organization to whom donations are not tax deductible.

In 2020, according to the group’s website, It is backed by over 700,000 supporters, including veterans, military families, and civilians. It is not clear how many supporters are actually veterans, as no registration or proof of service is required.

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