Twitter is serving 90 billion impression per day that is all time high 

As soon as Musk overtook Twitter there were strings of action that shook it from the core. As per initial speculations, experts thought that it was the end of Twitter or that Musk was deliberately killing Twitter. But nobody knew and still, nobody knows about Musk’s decisions, especially when it comes to results.

Twitter is again one of the examples of Musk’s success-oriented workstyle after Tesla. He shared a Tweet recently in which he wrote ‘ Twitter is now serving almost 90 billion impressions per day.

Just how incredibly alive the system actually is will become obvious as we show the view count on all tweets. ‘

As per the report, not only user engagement but also new user numbers has surpassed an all-time high with a reduction in violence on Twitter. This reflects Musk’s way of work which is irreplaceable and incomparable.



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