Twitter Bans All of its Third Party Apps: Here’s What We Know

Twitter has officially made it clear that the company is banning all of its third party applications. The company has also stopped providing API access to the third party applications.

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Twitter Bans Third Party Apps

Twitter decides to ban all of its third party apps. The company, prior to making this decision had already stopped providing API access to many of its third party clients including Twitterrific and Tweetbox.

It was on the 12th of January, the third party apps of Twitter started to face issues. Since Twitter doesn’t have a proper communication department, the third party clients weren’t able to contact Twitter or wasn’t informed of why the API access was suddenly stopped.

It is on the 17th of January, Twitter came forward to give a clarity regarding the situation. As per what the company says, Twitter is “enforcing its long-standing API rules”.

It indicates that, no one will be able to use Twitter’s API or its content inorder to “create or attempt to create a substitute or similar service or product to the Twitter Applications”.

Twitter had recently updated its API rules last October in 2022 and there is no point in saying that the rules were long standing ones. The co-founder of Twitterrific also mentioned that, the third party clients of Twitter has always respected the API rules of Twitter for the past 16 years and hasn’t tried to break any.

The reason to why Twitter, led by Elon Musk, has taken such a decision is still not clear. However it can be understood that money might be a reason.

Ever since Musk took charge of Twitter, the company has been having a lot of issues and is being weighed down by debts. With the third party apps out, the company will also be able to provide ads to all of its users


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