No internet in developed country Canada, all ATM’s, Apps, Websites are down

Canada has been struck by a major internet and mobile outage on Friday when Rodgers Communications Inc’s mobile and internet networks crashed causing widespread disruptions across the country.

Banking services, passport offices, and the ArriveCAN app which is usually used for border control are being affected by the internet and mobile network blackout. Some people were unable to reach the emergency services via 911 calls.

Everything in Canada was put on hold by the outage affecting the internet, mobile, and landline phone connections. After the internet services became inefficient, many Canadians rushed to some cafes and public libraries that had internet access to catch a signal.

According to HD tech, People started crowding outside the hotels to get some network. from mobile apps handling the border services to cashless pay systems, banks, and ATM’s, almost everything was affected by the outgage.

Tony Staffieri, President, and CEO at Rodgers said that the country is experiencing a network outage across both wireless and wireline services since morning. He confirmed about working toward fixing the issue.

“We have made meaningful progress toward bringing our networks back online and many of our wireless customers are starting to see services return. We don’t have yet an ETA on when our networks will be fully restored but we will continue to share information with customers as we restore full service,” said Staffieri as per HD tech.

However, later in the evening, the company said that after a 19-hour service outage, the network was beginning to recover.