Sri Lankan police officers were seen playing cricket with children

Cricket has become one of the essential part in the life of Sri Lankan people. Despite being economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the cricket goes on uninterrupted. Accordingly, the importance of cricket is seen in a video where the Sri Lankan police officers played the game of cricket with the kids. This video has went viral on the social media, impressing the viewers by their skills.

Due to the economic crisis, Sri Lankan people were forced to stand in long lines to buy the fuel and cooking gas and little access to public transport. In this difficult time, the sport of cricket has become a welcome distraction for the Sri Lankan people, looking for a break from the problems in the country.

Eventually, cricket is one of the most popular sport in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one among the twelve nations which takes part in the Test cricket and also one among the six nations to won a cricket World Cup. Cricket is played at professional, semi-professional and recreational levels in the Sri Lanka and international cricket matches are watched with interest by a large proportion of the population here.