Nothing wishes users on Lunar New Year get to know all about it here

Nothing celebrates the Lunar New Year which is also called Chinese new year and is on the 22nd of January. Nothing congratulated users through its Twitter account. This is one of the biggest celebrations in the Asia region and is celebrated for the renewal of prosperity, happiness, and health.

One of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals stands in for each new year on the lunar calendar. This lunar year starts on 22nd Jan 2023 and ends on 9 Feb 2024. This is also known as the year of the water rabbit.

One of the interesting facts about this year is that those people born in this year are known as rabbit. Even though it lies in winter Chinese New Year is popularly known as the Spring Festival in China. According to a story the mythical beast Nian ate livestock, crops, and even people on the eve of the new year.

To prevent Nian from attacking and killing people had to put food at their doors. Later over time, an old man got to know that the creature was afraid of loud noises and red color. So people started hanging red lanterns and light out of their homes. It exact time is not recorded though the experts say its a 3500-year-old celebration.




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