Musk’s Twitter poll on Twitter’s bot percentage ends; “Twitter has spoken” tweets Musk

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Saturday and posted a poll asking votes on asserting that less than 5% of Twitter daily users are fake/spam. His poll options were “yes” with three emojis and “lmaooo no”. After the poll ended, Musk came back to it on Monday, August 8 and “lmaooo no” received 65% of votes until then. Soon after, Musk commented on the post stating, “Twitter has spoken’. 

In recent turn of events, Elon Musk challenged Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal to have a public debate regarding the platform’s bot perchantage. Previously on 6 August, Musk also asked Twitter to provide their method of sampling 100 accounts, and how they confirmed them to be real. He asserted that if Twitter can provide this he will continue with the deal of acquiring Twitter on original terms. 

Elon Musk backed out from a $44-billion deal to acquire the popular social media platform, ‘Twitter’. Consequently, Twitter took the matter to court for Musk withdrawing his bid to acquire the platform. 

Twitter do insist that less than five percent of accounts on the platform are spam. However, according to Musk the amount stands higher than 10 percent. 

Musk’s recent comment on the poll is an indirect reference to his claims about Twitter’s bot percentage. 


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