Musk won’t let bluebird fly as easily as his trollers are thinking 

Musk is not a new name in the market because he has been able to put some of the most ambitious and futuristic thoughts forth for slow-growing human civilization. He is one who has given a push to all those things that were just in the imagination.

Electric vehicles to chips in the human brain are not mere ideas now. Extensive work is happening on these things. One of the most awesome things about Musk’s plan is his Mars inhabitation plan in which he wants Mars to be an inhabitable place by a human in near future.

Now that he has bought Twitter, a lot of rumors are surfacing around it. He has already given chances to trollers by taking some of the harshest decisions ever taken in Twitter’s history. A few people say that Twitter will soon shut down which has led people to lose their belief in it. But Musk is not a couch potato who will let things happen without taking some of the fate-changing decisions. 

He has proved his stubborn behavior by making Tesla a profitable worldwide company. SpaceX is also one of them whose fate was hard to decide because of its consecutive failure but he focused on it and now NASA itself gives the contract to Musk’s SpaceX for the number of equipment.

So the world needs to understand that if it’s Musk’s decision it must have been taken by keeping the future in mind and that’s too Musk’s future that he sees and nobody else.   


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