Is the hype about the Most subscribed YouTube Channel still going on?

Remember the hype that was going on about the Most subscribed YouTube Channel? Even though it has died down, we’ve brought to you the top ten most subscribed YouTube channels from across the world, just for curiosity.

Most-subscribed YouTube channels:

1.🇮🇳 T-Series: 230m

2.🇺🇸 Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes: 148m

3.🇮🇳 SET India: 147m

4.🇺🇸 MrBeast: 114m

5.🇸🇪 PewDiePie: 111m

6.🇺🇦 Kids Diana Show: 104m

7.🇺🇸 Like Nastya: 102m

8.🇺🇸 WWE: 92.1m

9.🇺🇸 Vlad and Niki: 90.3m

10.🇮🇳 Zee Music Company: 90.2m

We’re sure shocked to see 3 Indian YouTube channels being on the list of top 10. T-Series, like in the past, is still maintaining its position on the 1st while we see its rival PewDiePie going down to the 5th position. For some time during the whole subscriber fight, PewDiePie did cross T-Series and the other channels to be in the 1st position so 49 technically there was a win at that moment. 

With the enhancement of technology, a number of YouTube channels are growing in India and flourishing through the competition. We’ll have to wait till another such hype gets created to have some fun. 


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