“Fascinating” calls Elon, the Twitter Trump poll 

Twitter after Elon has been a mess of a place. After each progressive step taken by Elon, the netizens get more frenzy. Similar to that is the Twitter poll started by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk started a Twitter poll yesterday, asking whether or not the Twitter handle of prior US President Trump, be reinstated. The poll has started a whirlwind and the progression of the poll somehow is surprising.

The Poll has not only surprised the netizens but Elon Musk himself called it fascinating in his tweet.

Look at the tweet here for the Elon Twitter Trump poll:-

Twitter users have their respective views about the poll which are fun to hear and serious to consider.

Check some of them out:-

While some people have interesting ways to cope. Look at this one here:-

The Poll by Elon still has 7 hours left and it already has collected 12,110,420 votes.

Check out the Poll here:-



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