Employees of Twitter working day and night, Musk shows support

 If there would be any chaotic place other than the Ukraine battlefield it would be Twitter headquarters. We know this analogy is not easy to gulp but Musk buying Twitter and laying off 75% of the workforce was also hard to believe. A low-hanging sword of removal is causing them to abide by all rules by Musk. That includes working more than 8 hours. These are the headlines that you may have seen in most of the publications but we have another side of the story.

Here is the complete take

Even though most of the workforce has left Twitter and Elon Musk along with the army still he is fighting to get Twitter back to where it was. Today a post was shared where he was seen sharing thoughts with the team members of twitter who are still there and think Elon is an asset to the company and are fighting to get the app running.

Several trolls made multiple allegations and tried to bully Elon Musk. But they forgot one thing he is still a fighter and can bring this empire up like never before.

We saw several trending posts where some even started pushing stories like Elon Musk is the cause of Twitter’s death. While some made speculations that he is going to bring down Twitter and it will shut down shortly.

But we have to understand the situation that even though it is a hard journey for this billionaire he is still sailing with the team and was seen there at the Twitter headquarters even at night.

So we believe that Twitter is not going anywhere and for some who believe it will be shut down then we should say a platform like this will never close down that easily.

What happened on Twitter

A number of photos surfaced on Twitter showing Twitter employees sleeping in the office. So when employees are working even till midnight their picture was posted by @WholeMarsBlog saying “more alive at 1 am than it used to be during the day time”.

Musk replied to the post by saying “The most amount of people I have ever seen in the building by far”.  Meaning that people were not coming to the office and he even made that statement previously when he went to twitter’s headquarters.

While some may have their own conclusion but we truly believe he will come back like a fighter.


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