Elon Musk tweets, “Or perhaps social media in general”

Elon Musk has shared a tweet on Saturday morning asking if the Chinese video sharing app, TikTok is destroying civilization. Also, he said that some people do think so.

Elon tweeted, “Is TikTok destroying civilization? Some people think so”.



And subsequently, Elon posted further, “Or perhaps social media in general”. This means he shared post asking if TikTok or perhaps the whole social media is destroying the human civilization.



Consequently, this tweet came after Elon said Twitter employees at his meeting that he wanted the Twitter to be more like TikTok. Elon said that he tried TikTok for the first time and found it great. Also, Musk has stated that he plans to hit 1 billion users by and said that Twitter needs to become more like WeChat and TikTok to become more successful. Consequently, Musk wants to make the Twitter platform more interesting like TikTok. And for this, he discussed about various operations and techniques for the development of the micro-blogging site.