Elon Musk tweets an image on Twitter, speaking about the Mediocrates

The Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk posted an image on Twitter captioning, “ehh, good enough”, and attributed to Mediocrates. Elon says that on a joke, if one says that it’s average and be like ‘yeah that is goodenough’, then those people are mediocre. So he has given them a name of mediocrates.

However, mediocrates is not a real person. As per the Urban Dictionary, Mediocrates is someone of average, or have below-average intelligence and skills, but claims to be an expert. A person who is not very good at something or not very good at anything in particular, but shows that he is an expert. These people are just mediocrities. Quite good, or not very good.

Elon Musk is mostly known on Twitter for his cryptic tweets. This isn’t the first time that someone has posted such tweet. In 2021, a Twitter profile called Dad Jokes too, posted “What do you call your average ancient Greek? Mediocrates.”

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