Elon Musk rehires employees for who never worked for Twitter before 

After Twitter received Elon Musk as its CEO, bluebird has seen a lot of chaos on the app. The controversies came along with the changing of the CEO and stayed ever since. From the mass firing of employees, overworking the current ones to charging for verified blue ticks, and putting official marks on the profile, the platform has turned into a whirlwind.

Now as we’ve moved with it, we see yet another bizarre tweet by Elon Musk that has left the netizens in surprise at the wits of the new CEO.

A tweet by Elon Musk on Wednesday showed us a picture of two people with Elon where he wrote the caption “Welcome back Ligma and Johnson!”

Look at the tweet here:-

Along with this, Musk also mentioned how it has been his grave mistake to fire the employers. Look at his tweet:-

Looking at this we simply think Elon Musk is hiring back the fired individuals but that’s not the case entirely except there’s a catch. The two individuals are pranksters who were pretending to be laid-off employees of Twitter and trolling on the internet.

The new tweet by Elon made us realize that we’ve been pranked while it also gave the netizens who were criticizing Musk’s decision to mass firing of employees.


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