Elon Musk pings up some good Cox jokes on Twitter

A Twitter user Aaron Cash recently shared his chat Screenshot with Cox Internet and Elon Musk remarked it as ‘good Cox jokes’.

Cox is an American telecommunications industry which provides internet, cable tv and many other residential services.

Recently, Aaron Cash switched his internet connection to Starlink Internet.

Starlink is a satellite Internet which is operated by SpaceX and provides satellite internet access to the consumers.

However, Aaron mentioned that ‘Cancelled Cox internet today thanks to Starlink. Now they are desperate to get me back. 

Felt like breaking up and getting out of a bad relationship.’ Cash mentioned

However, a Screenshot attached read, ‘Aaron, it’s Jill at Cox. I wanted to see if a new offer can change your mind about leaving. When can we talk? If you’re not interested, say ‘No thanks.

I’d hate to see you leave, so I’d like to offer you a 40% discount on your Cox service.

Don’t disconnect just yet, Aaron. When can I call you?’

The messages continued with, ‘Hey, just wanted to talk about discounts and deals that might make coming back to Cox worthwhile, Aaron.

Call me or tell us if you are uninterested. -Jill with Cox.’

The Conversation Screenshot

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk replied to Aaron’s Tweet, ‘Some good Cox jokes in this thread’.

Many users soon but lately got sarcasm in his tweet and re-tweeted with laughing emojis via 


Elon Musk Tweet :