Conspiracy theory: Netizens compare China Telecom Tower fire with 9/11 World Trade Center incident

Chinese government media said that a tower in Changsha believed to house China Telecom was fully in flames. Sources suggest that although the precise number of fatalities is unknown, it may be in the hundreds.

The various footage shared on social media, which displayed dozens of floors on fire, helped to highlight the severity of the catastrophe.

According to CCTV, the building is spouting heavy smoke and numerous floors are ferociously on fire. Local reports claim that residents of the 200-meter-tall skyscraper were evacuated. China Telecom, a significant state-owned corporation, employs hundreds of thousands of people. According to official media, it is unknown how many people work at the Changsha tower, and it is also not known how many people have died.

Recent videos posted on social media indicate that the fire has been put out. One side of the structure appears to have completely burned out as additional dense, black smoke begins to billow into the air. Changsha serves as the capital of China’s Hunan province, which is home to more than 10 million people.

Netizens are comparing this incident with The World Trade Center. Someone said, “Notice how it burning from bottom to top but it hasn’t collapsed like a deck of cards or a world trade center.”

Conspiracy theorist have emerged since and said that how come this tower didn’t fall but after the 9/11 incident the world trade center fall like a house of cards.

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