Fake Tech Support Scam Pop Ups are now using a popular news website Wired to target victims

Recent developments noticed abusive services attacking the American magazine Wired. 

According to a Twitter update by Malwarebytes Threat Intelligence (@MBThreatIntel), tech support scammers created a fake Wired URL. According to @MBThreatIntel the said URL is a cloaking browser locker domain. The domain is globalnews[.]cloud. @MBThreatIntel tagged @Namecheap (Namecheap.com) informing them about the threat action. Namecheap updated that they will check into the ongoing issue asap. These developments were reported 6 days back on twitter. 

Yesterday @MBThreatIntel put up another update, which reported that they found another fake website. This website was found to be facilitating redirection to tech support scams by the threat actors. The domain reported is globalnews-wired[.]com. 

Once again @MBThreatIntel tagged @Namecheap informing the issue. The tech company reported back soon after that they have suspended the abusive service. 

Cloaking in terms of SEO refers to the presentation of different content or URLs to human users and search engines. This comes as a violation to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, as it provides users with results that they did not expected. 

On the other hand, WIRED is a monthly American magazine, which is published both in print and in digital editions. The focus of WIRED is on the influence of new technologies on culture, the economy and politics. The magazine has been in publication ever since March/April 1993. 

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