Scam Page Creator on Sale Over Dark Web

A recent tweet by the Twitter handle @DailyDarkWeb has updated about a platform that helps create scam pages. This platform’s features are reportedly on sale. The Twitter handle shared a post by the Developer of the platform. 

The screenshot shown in the image posted by @DailyDarkWeb displays a user by the title of Verzax. The screenshot shows that Verzax posted the post. 

The post mentions the Web Framework Uadmin. The post asks the audience if they are tired of Uadmins old live panels, which go red in a matter of minutes. 

Citing that condition, the author of the post mentions that he is offering top quality panels and scammas, which lasts for a long time. The author mentions that it is easy to install and thus easy for users to use with many integrated features. 

According to the developer, the panel features:

Strong antibots, comment section, admin/worker interface, autoinstalltion wizard etc. Additionally the tweet by @DailyDarkWeb mentions that the panel also features custom live panels, the multipanels with 5 banks, pre-existing panels, scampages, private SMS gateway with routes and 24/7 maintenance and Call center. 

The screenshot also lists the prices for various services. 

Uadmin is a web framework for Golang. It is a premium admin template built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework. 


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