Scam Alert Your electricity will be turned off if bill is not paid, Complete Story

Yes, we all have been there when we might have received an SMS from our electricity service provider about our monthly bill. Sounds normal, isn’t it? No here is the catch, one of our readers actually got a message on his phone about his electricity bill not being paid.

Here is what the message read:

Dear consumar you Electricity power will be disconnected. tonight at 10:30 PM electricity office.Because you previous month bill not was updated. Please immediately contract with our electricity officer 8240357605 Thank you

Now it may seem like a legit message but our reader was a bit skeptical about the message. The main reason was that the phone number was being displayed rather than BSES which is an electricity service provider in Delhi, India. Next off was the grammatical errors lol, and the reader was quick to know that this is a SCAM ALERT!

The reader then sent him a message that read:

Dear Chor, Correction for upcoming spam messages Consumar nahi Consumer, consumer k baad coma (,), You nahi Your, full stop k baad first letter capital & many more……
Kya chor banega re tu……

So he was quick to know that this was a scam but not all people understand the difference. So we thought it might be necessary for our readers to pass on this message to all of their friends and family members if they receive any message like this DONT CALL THE NUMBER IN THAT MESSAGE!

It’s always wise enough to call the number on your bill that you receive every month from your electricity service provider. Below you can find the screenshot of those messages. So share this news with your loved ones so that they can be saved from this SCAM!




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