Revolut Bank reveals that it has suffered a data breach on its data security

VDAI has received a notification from the UAB Revolut Bank about a data breach of its personal data. The bank has conducted an investigation on its own to find out if there was a violation of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation or not.

Accordingly, by the investigation, it was found that access to Revolut’s database was gained through using some social engineering methods. On notice, the security team of the bank immediately tried to remove the attacker’s access from hacking the customer’s data and stop the cyberattack. However, before that, the data such as names, addresses, and e-mails of around 50,150 customers globally were affected during the attack. Around 379 Lithuanians were also affected.

Currently, the company is investigating more deep into this cyber incident. The company has also stated that it is contacting customers whose sensitive data was breached. The company has alerted the customers and has said that it will not call or send any SMS or messages or ask for login data due to the incident, so as to lessen future cyber attempts. Also, the VDAI has urged the public to be alert and attentive to these cyber fraudsters.


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