RevealSecurity raises $23 million to protect Cybersecurity space through Detection and Response technology 

RevealSecurity announced to close the funding rounds led by SYN Ventures after receiving $23 million. Revealsecurity is an Israeli data security start-up company that provides rule-based solutions to detect cyber-attack patterns. It has a TrackerIQ technology to accurately detect anomalous activities and unpredictable breaches.

Multiple organizations have invested to form RevealSecurity such as SYN Ventures, Hanaco Ventures, Silver Tech Ventures, and World Trade Ventures. RevealSecurity is based on “Application Detection and Response” technology to detect malicious activities by insiders and imposters in any corporation.

According to a source, RevealSecurity also has a global expansion initiative. It has recently joined the start-up market of products and services. They are also planning to utilize the funding for product development.

RevealSecurity has stated in a note, “The market-wide shift for business-critical functions from on-prem to Saas and the cloud has expanded the attack surface for malicious activities by imposters and trusted users.” “This trend has resulted in a greater need for solutions that monitor user activities accurately, to detect business process attacks in a way that scales across multiple different types of applications.”

According to the company, they have included technologies such as SaaS or Software as a service, cloud, and custom-built applications to detect unauthenticated activities. The customer can benefit from the company’s program without having to install the software on their device with the SaaS technology. The company is willing to provide the best technological advancement to detect cyber attacks.

Reportedly SYN Ventures managing partner Patrick Heim has given his reason to invest in the company by saying that the company addresses a challenge in the cybersecurity space. He said, “Finding those singular bad events among the billions of records that are generated in the format of event logs. This requires breakthrough technology.”

RevealSecurity has stated that its technology will protect corporations and enterprise organizations from severe cyber attacks whether via threat actors or malware.