Qiwi’s 7 million Russian bank cards have been published by Anonymous Collective NB65

Since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Anonymous has attempted to damage the country’s ability to wage war. In the first quarter of this year, Russia became the most hacked country on the planet.

According to recent information found, NB65 which is a part of the Anonymous collective had recently published around 7 million Russian bank cards. However, Qiwi has denied these reports according to their tweet no data has been compromised and they are one of the secure payment processors.

On a dead beetle, Qiwi is played - 5 million Russian bank cards have been published by Anonymous

According to a Twitter post by Qiwi, they have stated “There was no data leak, the information in public is clearly dated April 1. The security service does not allow any leaks. Data and money of users are completely safe 24/7” source google translate.

To this, the anonymous collective NB65 replied Because they’re full of shit, Dennis. If we dump the CV2 numbers they’re fucked. And if someone is motivated enough they can compare the payments table to the card numbers and brute it themselves. We give a fuck less, that’s not something we’re interested in. But doable…..

One Twitter user even went ahead to check the details of the hacked card numbers and confirmed that the card number was correct and it was QIWI who was trying to cover up this huge loss from the hands of an anonymous collective. The user even posted the card number with proof of validating the same.

“4276160957285555 One of the many cards that I’ve personally checked, and all check out 100%. I still have no clue why people are calling this hack fake… Qiwi is full of bs, and NO ONE should believe their claims” – Twitter User

The data of the card numbers were then shared on this website https://anonfiles.com/paZ6hbd2y7/decrypted_cards_txt

NB65 even after giving several warnings to QIWI and did not hear back from them. NB65 has finally released their final 5 million cards data on the web.


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