Person gets a LockBit tattoo, removes it claiming he got scammed: Netizens react

A person who imprinted a tattoo of LockBit has raised claims that LockBit defrauded him.

The report comes in as a Twitter handle @3x0rtblog took to Twitter and posted a screenshot of the person putting his statements.

The person on the screenshot wrote that everyone remembers the 1k $ tattoo. Thus, he got one for himself too. Additionally, he mentioned that he has sent 4 videos as proof.

However, the person stated that he removed the tattoo, as according to him, “he was a scam”.

The 1k $ tattoo would take one a few weeks back when LockBit reportedly stated that it will give $1000 to anyone who gets the correct tattoo of their logo on them.

@3xp0rtblog tweeted a screenshot of this announcement from LockBit on 7 September 2022.

The post of the shared screenshot of the person claiming the scam received funny reactions on Twitter from netizens as they several commented their views on the matter.

One user asked if the tattoo was fake as he got it removed. Another user humorously questioned if he scraped off the tattoo with a cheese grater or something. Another user joined in and stated that he bets the person was ‘scarred for life.

Previously when @3xp0rtblog shared the announcement from LockBit, netizens reacted in humorous ways back then too.


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