Irish government has hard hit Meta with huge fine of 265 million euros 

Data breaches and its sale are one of the biggest problems that users all across the world are facing. Tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have been sued multiple times in various countries for violating privacy rules and guidelines. A recent event occurred with Facebook when Ireland’s data privacy regulator posted a 265 million euro fine on social media giant Facebook on Monday.

This fine collectively brings the total fine amount to 1 billion euros on Meta. The Investigation for this penalty started in April 2021 in which it was found that Facebook had made private data of users online. After imposing fine Facebook has been ordered to make a range of corrective measures. Earlier Instagram has also been hit by a record fine of 405 million euros.

The range of regulatory measures taken by the Irish government is because Apple, Google, Tiktok, and other technology Giants have their headquarters in Ireland which makes it easy and vulnerable to be sued. It would be interesting to see how Meta cops with the situation of data breach and sale.


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