Hacktoria gives an insight about Mosint tool for emails

Mosint – an OSINT tool helps to gather all information about the target email. It will also help to verify the slightest information about the very particular email account.

Hacktoria is a cyber expert account which helps their audience with providing Cybersecurity information and OSINT content on their social media sources.

Open Source intelligence tool abbreviated as OSINT collects information the already published information. Moreover, it verifies the service, cross-check for any data breaches.

It also checks social accounts with Socialscan feature. Even phone numbers, related domains and emails can be checked out.

However, the security professionals and hackers highly use this tool for gaining intelligence on their target. Basically, it successfully identifies the targeted one’s weakness and powerful point.

Moreover, it also helps to find digital footprints which may be in video, image, doc, etc. However, this process of gaining information is considered to be a legal action until someone plays with an individual’s privacy and breaks the law.

For using this, one shall install Go and Python and later install the tool. Also, this tool is fully tested and verified on Linux and MacOS systems.


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