Hacktivists, now targets Russian Government Distance Education System

Hacktivists, particularly known as the Anonymous collective now targets the Russian Government Distance Education System website for its next cyberattack. They made this announcement on their Twitter handle by saying,

“Next cyberattack: Russian Government Distance Education System website.

🔗 https://t.co/kVzU8fcRyd

#OpRussia #Anonymous #StandUpForUkraine”


Consequently, this website access now shows as forbidden for the users. The users now don’t have the permission to access the website. The website now shows server error or Error 403.

Distance Education System, also called distance education, e-learning or online-learning, is a form of education conducted online. Here, there is a physical separation of teachers and students during lectures and uses several technologies to facilitate student-teacher communication. This system has focused mainly on the nontraditional students like full-time workers, military personnel and nonresidents in remote regions who are unable to attend lectures.  However, distance learning has now become an important part of the educational world during this pandemic.