Google Chrome’s new feature for iOS is here: Check it out here

In recent reports, we have received information that Google has announced its new Chrome feature for iOS. It will now allow iOS users to open external links from other apps in incognito mode. This is an interesting update. So, how does this work for iOS users? If you are an iOS user, make sure you go to Chrome Settings. Then go to Privacy and Security. And later, turn on and ask to open links from other apps in Incognito mode. Further, after enablement of the feature, tap a link in an external app.

Then it would bring a full-screen prompt. You will see the URL you clicked on displayed on the screen. You are also able to hide history from the browser and from other people using the same iOS device. And, now this would work easily for iOS users like you.

How would this Google Chrome Feature help iOS users and why is it important? The answer lies here.

This feature will be helpful while using shared devices such as iPads by the brand Apple. Usually, devices are shared between families. These gadgets do not support multi-functionality and this feature would help us ease that situation. Users can copy their credentials across their iOS devices manually with the help of this new Google Chrome feature.

It is believed that this update will lead to enhanced performance, stability, and overall improvements for iOS users.

Be on the lookout for other relevant information on this update. Stay connected with us for more such tech-related news as well as the latest updates in the world of technology as well as innovation.


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