Feature : Can apple iOS be hacked? Lets check it out

A topic always well appreciated is iOS Security. However how appropriate is the term, ‘unhackable’ when it comes to Apple iOS security. 

It’s a common notion and quite true that iPhones are less vulnerable as compared to Androids. Irrespective of how powerful the security walls of iPhone is, it’s still hackable. Every networked digital technology is technically hackable through some way or the other. Apple boasts about how difficult it is to hack their iPhone. When they do so they refer to their iOS code and security methods. But we know data breaches are often facilitated by human error. In such a scenario iPhone’s security methods raises questions too.  

IPhone hacks mostly occur through weak user links. Most of the iPhone hacking methods try to use the user as the weak link in the security chain. The path to make it harder for a hacker to use you as a weak link is to be aware of such manipulation methods. Most popular methods of getting past iPhone’s security involves tricking the user. 

Some of such methods are as follows:

We often encounter sketchy Wi-Fi  networks when we opt for public Wi-Fi networks that requests a lot of personal information upfront. In moments of desperation we don’t even use a VPN or hide our IP addresses. This happens in Airports, Budget hotels/motels and Cafes and bars. 

Another most popular way to fall in a hack trap is through URLs. It is always healthy to stay away from unrecognized URLs on the web. Phishing still remains as one of the most sought technique to breach security and gain access. This comes in the form of emails, sms, phone calls, social media, web ads and fraudulent softwares. 

When on a phone, we can never stay from apps. They are the building blocks of the phone’s functionality. Apps from untrusted sources can be malicious. They can spy on us and set malware traps through offerings of free features like ringtones, wallpapers etc. Apps can be considered suspicious when they draw high power or overheat, asks for unnecessary permission and displays unusual device behavior. 

Stalkerware and Direct data transfer are other methods through which one can carry out wrong intentions by accessing a user’s data. 

Thus through these methods, although difficult, it is possible that an iOS is hacked. 

This can be prevented by installing updates as soon as possible, setting up two-factor authentication and using VPN’s when on public Wi-Fi. Other than that it is safe not to offer personal information without confirming legitimacy. Setting up strong passcodes and passwords wherever necessary is another important step to level up your security and not depending on iOS security alone. 

IPhone comes in with Find my iPhone feature. This feature helps a user to locate their phone easily. One should always keep this feature activated. 

A user should also turn off Bluetooth when they are not using it. 

Thus to sum it up, irrespective of how strong iOS security is, a hacker can always make us a victim. Iphone’s security is strong, but we are much easier to be tricked through than iOS code. The safety gear is to be sceptical and aware while on the internet and at the phone. Not accessing unverified links and keeping our private information safeguarded within us until a source requesting it is legitimate, helps a lot. Finally it is always safe to stay away from apps that asks for unnecessary information.