DuckDuckGo, an privacy company opens its free ‘Email Protection’ service publicly

DuckDuckGo, an internet privacy company has unlocked its free ‘Email Protection’ service to the users who want to get their own ‘’ email address.

The Email Protection service was launched in July 2021 but it was still in trial period. However , the company has now decided to make it widely available to the public.

Also, DuckDuckGo has revealed various new features to enhance the email service’s anti-tracking system, a direct reply option, and a smart encryption for inserted links. Commonly, the phishing advertisers use link to track emails and as a solution, the company has expanded the tracker blocking feature. Also, the company has introduced a ‘Smart Encryption’ system along with an ability to send or reply from Duck addresses, which could be helpful when there is a anonymity sender.

Consequently, Email Protection service is about email forwarding solution that keeps emails protected from advertising and profile trackers before they hack user’s email.



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