Data of 500 million WhatsApp users leak proves to be a Facebook leak from 2019, Report

Recently as soon as the news broke out that around 500 Million Whatsapp users’ data has been leaked online and the person is selling it also. However, a new revelation came that it appears to be a fake leak.

As per a tweet posted by We Leak Database, the data of 500 million users was leaked. It was mentioned to be fake as well as free.  As per the account, they analyzed this data. For the analysis, they used the data from samples in the Whatsapp Leak.

Several publications also published this report of Whatsapp users’ data being breached. But as now a new report from them just appeared that shows it was a prior leak and not a latest one.

It was found that all the data was from the Facebook data breach in 2019. We Leak Database also wrote in their post that they posted 500M phone numbers from their FaceBook breach. It was called Whatsapp Breach and was posted on Telegram channels.

In this world of modern technology where data security is increasingly becoming a concern, this issue of a data breach must be paid attention to. It is shocking to witness events of data breaches that too on a massive level. So be aware and make sure your data is secure at all times. If you suspect a data leak, check with cyber experts so that you do not compromise your data and its confidentiality.

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