Charging Ports at public places now a stealing hub to fraudsters

Cybercriminals and fraudsters are creating new methods to fraud you by hacking into data and other important information from your smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other devices. They now have a novel approach to stealing all the information from your devices and they would initiate it from the most unexpected directions.

We all have seen and used the charging points or USB ports available at airports, bus stops, metro trains, and other places which let us charge our batteries in our mobile phones or laptops. This is where the fraudsters come in. They are now capable of getting into your devices and stealing your data via charging points and USB ports.

The CEO of a company in Hyderabad suffered a loss of Rs 16 lakh. Reportedly, he was charging his mobile through a USB port in a public place. Later, to his utter shock, it was discovered that 16 lakh rupees were siphoned off from his account.

None of us probably ever thought that public utility tools can be transformed into a weapon to cheat common people.

On September 15, Odisha Police posted a tweet that read, “Don’t charge your mobiles at public places like mobile charging stations, USB power stations, etc. Cyber fraudsters are trying to steal your personal information from your mobile and install malware inside your phone. #StayCyberSafe”


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