Bjorka gained access to 1.3 billion sim numbers in Indonesia

The Home Ministry’s Population and Civil Registration Directorate General (Dukcapil) has released the findings of its investigation into registration data for 1.3 billion prepaid SIM card users that may have been compromised.

Hacker steals data. Country asks them – ‘If you can, don’t attack Hacker replies. – ‘Stop Being an Idiot’
A user by the name of Bjorka is now trading the data breach on through. It is thought to have happened in 2017. The 87 GB of data that was uploaded on August 31 includes the personal data of the 1.3 billion registrants. The NIKs (citizenship identification numbers), the cell provider’s name, and the time the phone number was registered make up these details.

The cost of the confidential information was US$50,000 (Rp745 million), which had to be paid in Ethereum. As proof that the information is accurate, Bjorka provided over two million samples of cellphone numbers from five Indonesian cellular operators that may be downloaded for free.

Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, director general of Dukcapil, claims that a detailed inspection of the data structure reveals that the data held by the organization is different from that which can be accessible at

Zudan concluded that Dukcapil had not supplied the information. He did emphasize that the Ministry of Home Affairs would continue to investigate the matter.


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