Beware of E-mail masking it can let you lose your money and data

Email masking is the technique in which an email address is altered to protect the real email data and users are unable to track down the email back to its origin. This method is generally used as a protective measure by organizations used to protect the organization’s email address and thousands of customers. Strict laws and regulation has been laid by lawsuits and organizations but still, there are a number of loopholes in it that hackers are using.

This kind of email always starts with something like hello bob, hi how are you? These emails may come with password-protected files that are to lure you with excitement. These emails also come with a link that can steal some of the banking credentials from you but the problem is that you can trace them back to the original origin which makes it hard to convict and catch them.

So it’s required to stay away from such mail and always keep an eye on these things. Though this technique is used by a number of organizations to keep themselves safe in a legal way. With the surge in internetwork work nowadays these hacking cases are increasing so it is necessary to be aware of it.


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