Beware of Drinik virus it will lure for money and will access your bank details from it

Like the Covid virus, malware is evolving to hurt your phone and your credentials. Drinik virus was one of the most dangerous malware that was first spotted in 2016 but this time it has again arrived to affect android phones and banking apps. Earlier it used to track your messages but this time it has got something more than previous.

Your screen recording, call management, and access to your bank details are not very big things for this malware. There are 18 banking apps that have reported the problems faced by their users. It’s likely to enter your phone as an Income Tax Department app that will send you a notification.

This notification works as bait and says that you can get your paid income tax back that you paid and as soon as you click on the link to have your money back it will access your details. To curb this problem Indian Computer Emergency Response issued an advisory that says not to download any app through a link received by message or unauthorized source. Keep a distance from unauthorized apps and always avoid such apps.

The Indian cyber crime branch and other branches of the Indian government are working towards but only precaution can help us to fight this problem.


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