Anonymous Italia and other hacktivists plans a massive attack against Killnet

Anonymous Italia and all the hactivists collective around the world are preparing for a massive cyber attack against Killnet which is a Russian hacker group. The offensive attack is said to be probably a biggest attack ever. However, what will happen in the attack is still a mystery. Only, the time of attack is known which will start on the night of May 21 starting at 04:00.

Consequently, the hacktivists announced this news on their Twitter captioning, “Anonymous Italia prepares the “final offensive” against Killnet. Will have a power of dozens TB and will involve at least 100 Anon. It is the response to the DDoS attacks against Italy. The targets are top Secret, but heavy damage to Russia is expected”.

The aim behind this attack is probably to dissolve the pro-Russia formation. The Russian hackers were continuously cyber attacking the Ukraine and hence the Anonymous Italia and others planned on counterattacking. The Russian hackers were launching the waves of DDoS attacks against the multiple targets in Italy. However, the Italian hackers collective has already caused great damage to the pro-Moscow hackers recently.