Anonymous declares war on China after Russia

Anonymous hacker group hacked China Alibaba Cloud, WeChat, JD, AWS China, PetroChina, Sinopec, the Chinese government, and others.

After Russia, Anonymous declares war on China. #AgainstTheWest, which has already hit several targets, heralds #OpChina as the largest cyber warfare offensive against Beijing in history.

Anonymous declares war on China as well. The #AgainstTheWest subgroup announced the launch of #OpChina, presumably in response to Moscow’s veiled support following the invasion of Ukraine.

They claim to have already hit a number of targets in the Asian country, ranging from governmental to the Alibaba cloud, via WeChat and Sinopec.

They predict the largest cyber warfare offensive ever launched against Beijing, and if it is similar to the one against Vladimir Putin’s propaganda, it risks being a new chapter in what is now being consolidated as history’s first cyber world war.


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