Anonymous collective, Squad303 to reveal list of Russians and Russian companies operating in Poland

The anonymous collective, Squad 303, recently updated that they would soon come in with data that will feature list of Russians and Russian companies operating in Poland. They stated through a tweet that they would cover and present more European countries. 

Earlier this month, the group presented a list of Russians operating in the UK. The anonymous group forwarded this data to 10 selected editors. They even announced back then that they would be revealing databases for more European countries later in August. The recent update thus comes in as a recall to their word. 

Such data reveals by the hacking group can be considered as another step of digital attack against Russia. Kremlin earlier listed the hacking group as one of the top 4 hacking group majorly active in defending Ukraine. Squad303 expressed back then that Russia is scared of Anonymous and thus uses them in their propaganda. 

Squad303 has been one of the majorly active group, executing different cyber activities inclined towards the ongoing cyberwars amidst the Russia-Ukraine war. They are a Polish hacktivist group formed after the commence of the Russia-Ukraine war. The group initially created a platform that allowed people to send messages from their phones to randomly selected Russians. They did this so that people could inform Russians about the ongoing crisis during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 



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