Anonymous collective leaks 23.7MB data of Putin’s political party

The anonymous collective has hacked 65807 data points and leaked them from Putin’s Rusnod party. IP, Names, Numbers, Addresses, Emails & passwords! The sensitive data can also be accessed via telegram. The link to the telegram channel is The Data in question is in CSV format and is 23.7 MB.

However, anonymous collectives have already hacked and leaked the data of several companies. They have started a ‘Cyber war’ against Russia because of its brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Many Telecommunication companies’ and banks’ data have been hacked earlier. Anonymous has been strongly opposing Russia since its invasion of Ukraine. It has also developed a website where they have released the data of its victims.

Although Anonymous has asked Russia to stop this war against Ukraine, it is still continuing. Many people have lost their lives due to this war.

Anonymous Tweet:-


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