Anonymous collective Ghostsec leaks more data of Russian companies, thanks all hackers across the globe

Anonymous collective hacked and leaked sensitive data of the Russian Rostelecom RU and Vyberi Radio ( companies at large amounts.

What is Rostelecom RU?

Rostelecom RU is a Russian largest Digital service provider with a wide range of facilities.

Many households, private businesses and the government use this network.

Additionally, it connects Russian local citizens in a single national network for long – distance connection to and from Russia.

Recently, an anonymous collective hacked 713K records of Rostelecom RU which includes clients name, phone number, emails and other technical information about the users.

What is Vyberi Radio ( is an official website of Vyberi Radio which includes over 100 radio stations besides above 8 million listeners across Russia.

Anonymous collective hacks 430 GB, 1.5 million emails of radio and leaks from Air Central Agency.

An anonymous collective have started this campaign 4 months ago along with numerous hacktivists support across the globe.

Lately, the hacktivist group thanked all the supporters of Anonymous who secretly supported Ukrainian people and opposed Putin’s war.

Moreover, Anonymous have hacked 2000+ ICS (industry control system) devices across Russia.

ICS is used to control the industrial system such as manufacturing, production and distribution of products.

Additionally, it also continues the famous Printer hack in which they passively send messages to the Russian people, the family of the Russian military also.

They try to bring the citizens to reality that the war which was announced by politicians are nowhere to be fought but to make the citizens and military people execute it.

Anonymous Tweet:-