A hacker claims to have gained network access at the central bank

A seller on the dark web is selling network access to a central bank. The user said that he is selling all networks at X central bank, the internal network filters for TCP, UDP, HTTP, and HTTPS or any other kind of protocol that looks suspicious, they have DA, and the domain has around 10k machines configured ( most of them are windows), the or of the machines are Symantec. He said the bank’s funds are in the billions and several machines are running on several different subnets, employees communicate between office chat services, there is a file server with more than 4TB of internal data including a shared folder for every user on the network and they also have a flexure database.


They can provide VDI and VPN and all passwords of domain dump (including DA users)

As claimed by them, This access is perfect for a rob swift, it only takes a strong team and persistence.  He stated that For obvious reasons, he will not say which central bank is, only people with a reputation on the exploit. can make the purchase, and seems to start the conversation they will have to send a message in his private.
The set price for the network access by the user is $500,000.


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