10 people gets a LockBit ransomware logo tattooed for $10,000

LockBit ransomware is a type of malware software that is designed to prevent users from accessing computer systems in exchange for a ransom payment. LockBit will automatically scan a network for valuable targets, spread the infection, and encrypt all network-accessible computer systems. This ransomware is used to launch highly targeted attacks on businesses and other organizations. LockBit attackers have made a name for themselves as self-piloted cyber attackers, threatening organizations all over the world.

“Due to the fact that the number of people who want to get a tattoo goes off scale, I’m afraid of being ruined, so the promotion is limited until September 11, 24:00 UTC (03:00 Moscow time), by this time there should be a photo of your real, not temporary tattoo in this thread your bitcoin wallet”, stated by Lock bit.

LockBit ransomware group announced via social media that they will be awarding $1,000 to individuals who tattooed the LockBit ransomware group logo on their body. When the news broke, it created a far too chaotic environment among people on social media. LockBit’s payouts ended on September 11th. Currently, more than ten people have tattoos of the LockBit logo, including a woman.

We reached out to a security expert, 3xpOrt, and asked for his opinion on why a ransomware gang is doing this. The expert stated, ” LockBit, as usual, and got a good advertisement for a low cost. Such a trick with tattoos can be only done with Russians who cheaply value themselves. I’m sure they are Russian but there can be exceptions.”




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