Samsung India promotes its newly Samsung Crystal4K UHD TV on Twitter

Samsung India, the official Twitter handle of Samsung company tweeted and shared a promo of its newly ‘Samsung Crystal4K UHD TV Motion Xcelerator’.

Samsung Crystal4K UHD TV has a unique dynamic refresh technology in it. It also has the Powerful 4K or the crystal processor 4k upscaling which ensures that you get up to 4K resolution for the content you like to watch. Consequently this TV gives a smooth, lag-free gaming experience on the big screen. Its Motion Xcelerator makes crisp pictures and smoother motion for the users which can take the gaming experience to a high level.

4K UHD TV goes beyond the regular FHD with 4x more pixels. The TV’s PurColor makes the films feel almost like you’re in there. Also, it allows the TV to express a huge range of colors for the best picture performance.

HDR, the High Dynamic Range rises the light levels on your TV so that you can enjoy an huge spectrum of colors. Also, all the visual details and even you can watch the darkest scenes. For the first ever time, this all features are built into this Samsung TV to provide the best level of entertainment experience and advanced control. Also, you can easily access your PC, Laptop, and mobile seamlessly on your TV.