From Chrome OS to ChromeOS google is revamping its operating system

Recently, Google has made a slight yet noteworthy modification, which is revamping the branding for Chromebook devices. Chrome OS, is a Linux- based operating system designed for Chromebook devices. Chrome OS has been altered to ChromeOS. The change is apparent all over Google’s Chrome OS dev page, although the official logo at the top appears to have a lowercase.

Regardless, the modification has not been carried out everywhere. But with time, the change will be recognized around every corner of the world, asserted by James Croon, Google’s senior marketing director for ChromeOS. This transition is quite minimal, as with the logos and features, everything remains indistinguishable. Netizens have always complained of inconsistency regarding the ways Chrome OS is written. Sometimes, we find Chrome OS or ChromeOS on the internet, which has created an atmosphere of debate and discussion on the internet.

Nonetheless, with the recent decision of rebranding ChromeOS, it will bring more efficiency and consistency than netizens usually complain of. With ChromeOS rebranding, it has been suggested that the Company will be rebranding Chromium OS to ChromiumOS. However, that has not been an official confirmation from Google. Chromium OS is still mentioned as two words practically everywhere we checked.