Finally, Microsoft allows users to change the default browser of Windows 11 with one click

Microsoft allows users to change Windows 11 default browser with one click!. This week Microsoft introduced an update where users can change the default browser in Windows 11 easily with one click.

Before the update, In Windows 11, if you want to change the default browser, one should individual file extension or protocol handlers or has to click the check box which will appear when the link is clicked outside the browser. When it was asked, Microsoft said that it has some reasons to not make it easier for users to change the default browser. But when competitors like Mozilla, Brave and G0ogle chrome started criticizing Microsoft for this kind of idea.

After lots of users’ demands and criticisms, Microsoft is now allowing users to change it in one click.

In the latest update, One can change the default form by searching the browser of your choice from the default apps section and the pop up asking if you would like to make it default and all of the changes will be done in one click.

Microsoft has planned to release small or big updates in windows 11 every month.