Nvidia Q2 gaming revenue fails to reach 2021’s mark by over a billion dollars

On Monday, Nvidia Q2 has fallen short of its preliminary numbers and the results are not looking satisfactory for its gaming business.

Its gaming revenue is reported at $2.04 billion, a shocking 33.33 percent fall from last year’s $3.06 billion.

The shortfall mirrors other gaming hardware companies, including Logitech, which reports a 12 percent fall in comparison to the same quarter last year, reflecting peak pandemic changes where consumers are done investing in all kinds of home equipment for work, play, and even exercise.

According to market research firm NPD, gaming sales as a whole have fallen 13 percent in Q2 to $12.35 billion in comparison to last year.

AMD is one oddity for this period that has risen its gaming earings 32 percent year over year, running mostly on game console chipset sales as the Xbox series X / S and PlayStation 5 have become more widely available.

For Nvidia, its numbers show a reduction in consumer buying patterns toward 2020 when the company had reported just $1.65 billion in gaming revenue in the same quarter, making it a 23.66 percent rise today in comparison.

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