LG to kick off for 27-inch W-OLED panels this month

Due to a backset in demand for W-OLED TVs, LG Display is likely to be starting off production of 27-inch W-OLED panels later this month, assuming everything goes as per the plan.

However, this could also be just rumours from Chinese site WeiXin QQ, so it should be taken with a ‘pinch of salt’. The site claims that the news has leaked via the Korean media, but we haven’t managed to find a Korean source that could corroborate such a claim.

Moreover, the first customer for the 27-inch panels is unsurprisingly said to be LG Electronics, who is expected to launch a 27-inch gaming monitor based on the W-OLED panel around early 2023.

In context to the same, LG Display is betting on an improvement in the OLED TV market space by next year, with the company said to be planning to manufacture easily around 9.2 million large sized OLED panels next year.

Furthermore, since a very long time, Samsung is also said to be considering using LG Display’s W-OLED panels in some of its products next year, but its been nothing more than just a flying arrow.


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