Database Republic of Crimea and Sudak leaked by Anonymous

Anonymous, the infamous hacking group, has spectacularly released the Database Republic of Crimea and Sudak, a coastal city in Russia located south of Ukraine.

Anonymous has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to face dire consequences of his actions against Ukraine. In a short, the group has warned of several cyberattacks against the Russian government’s official websites.

Narrating the on-ground situation of the war-torn country, the hacker group has accused Putin of killing thousands of innocent lives including children.

Anonymous tweeted, “Hackers all around the world: target Russia in the name of #anonymous let them know we do not forgive, we do not forget. Anonymous owns fascists, always.”

Conti, a Russian-based cybercrime group, has pledged to attack the Kremlin’s enemies if they respond to Ukraine’s invasion.

The Conti group has stated their “unconditional support” for the Russian government.

“If anyone decides to organise a cyberattack or any war activities against Russia, we will use all possible resources to strike back at an enemy’s critical infrastructures,” the Conti group said.


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